Clarice Chiara Sorcha

That awkward moment when you suddenly want to go back and read one of your own terrible fics because SOMEONE just reminded you how much you love terrible awkward TOTALLY ONLY DOING THIS ‘CAUSE WE HAVE TO sex fics oh yeah.

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  1. alighterwithlove said: glow dick was obvs the pinnacle of success in this fandom and no piece of writing will top its sheer crack/feels, okay, Clarice? okay.
  2. countessrivers said: the glowdick was the most amazing piece of crackwithsuddenfeels that I have ever read
  3. whimsikalmusing said: THAT DICK GLOW FIC WAS THE BEST SHIT I’D READ IN AN AGE MISSY. Only you can take a glowing dick and make it something so much more.
  4. bottomthor-archive said: I LIKE THAT FIC
  5. blood-songs said: GLOWDICK OF DESTINY
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